Are you seeking an abortion and you live in Malta? Read on.

Despite being considered essential healthcare around the world, abortion remains illegal in Malta in all circumstances due to a centuries-old abortion law that is yet to be repealed. However, this does not stop hundreds of women in Malta having abortions each year.

When seeking an abortion in Malta it is very important to know who is who - there are pro-choice organisations out there that are more than willing to help and provide accurate information, but there are also anti-choice ones that aim to lure women seeking abortion and then try to prevent them from having an abortion.

Let's start with the good pro-choice people and organisations:

Doctors for Choice Malta is an NGO of pro-choice doctors. They have extensive information on abortion in Malta on their website, and anyone who lives in Malta and is thinking about having an abortion should read it - here is the link.

The Family Planning Advisory Service (FPAS) is provided by pro-choice Maltese NGOs and has volunteers who can provide unbiased and reliable information on pregnancy options including abortion. Click here for information on how to contact them for free. You can call them on 27782758.

Women on Web and Women Help Women are foreign charities with a good reputation of sending authentic abortion pills to women in countries where abortion is restricted, including Malta. According to World Health Organisation Guidance, abortion pills can be safely used at home up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Abortion Support Network is a UK charity that assists women in Malta who would like to have an abortion in a clinic abroad. They can help fund travel, accommodation, and clinic costs for women who do not have the means to pay privately. You can call them on 27780991.

BPAS and MSI are leading UK abortion providers who are happy to accept clients from Malta. If you can pay privately for your abortion, you can contact them directly and book an appointment. Indicative prices can be found here. If you need financial assistance, contact Abortion Support Network on 27780991.

Unfortunately, there are anti-choice organisations that we advise people to avoid if they want an abortion. There have been reports of women being harassed and obstructed from having abortions after contacting certain anti-choice organisations in Malta, and many of them give out false information about abortion and contraception. Life Line Malta and Dar Tgħannieqa t'Omm are operated by the local anti-choice organisation Life Network Foundation Malta, and HOPE is operated by Gift of Life Malta. 

Voice for Choice is a coalition of civil society organisations (NGOs) who work together for reproductive rights and justice in Malta.